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Default Re: Things I Hate About Riding My MB

Originally Posted by mralaska View Post
I hate it when I get so used to driving forever on a tank of gas that suddenly I run out 10 miles from home and cannot find a gas station that sells 2-stroke oil for air cooled engines so I have to pedal all the way back home swearing I will get around to carrying the list of emergency items. I also hate narrow shoulders that do not give a car three feet to pass if there is any opposing traffic. I felt bad for a dump truck that lost all his speed when he slowed down to wait for oncoming traffic then he had trouble passing me. I actually caught back up to him before we hit the top of the hill.
Not just for you but, first there is no excuse for running out of gas. First of all at the worse mileage you can get is what 30-40 miles to a tank? Daaa fill up BEFORE you leave home , have a full tank. I'm a pilot... NEVER, (cardinal rule, among others) weight permitting, leave gas in the tanks at the airport. Depending on your mix, carry 1/2 of what a gallon is in a screw top medicine bottle. For me that is 2oz. Either have a holder of zip ties to attach the bottle to the bike, or carry a back pack with various items. Easier to find gas then mix the oil. If I ever (not likely) run out of gas I can always stop at someone house, and hopefully buy a tank full...I have oil with me.

For me it's passing....give me some room. We all are authorized to use the road.
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