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Wink Re: Aluminum Frame or Steel Frame?

OK, just to shed a little light on the reinforced threaded holes, on an aluminum frame, those are threaded inserts that are installed with a tool that fastens them to the frame just like a pop rivet in effect. They are not reinforced at all and unless installed with a dab of epoxy tend too loosen up over time and eventually fall out. Then you can reinstall another one in its place usually.

On steel and chromoly frames they are usually brazed-on little threaded lugs, quite a bit sturdier but for all intents and purposes just installed for carrying a water bottle and not much more.

And a little side note on titanium frames, they are the frames you want too pay special attention for cracks and frame failure as titanium is very hard and brittle.

Any frame can crack or break but I've witnessed more Ti frames break, than all the others put together. Doesn't stop me from loving Ti frames

Originally Posted by Kiwegapawa View Post
... Ok, so here comes a dump question.. 1st, I understand the point of the out of round structual qualities of Aluminum vs steel compressing down on it with a different shape. But as in the picture of the nieghbor who knocked the structual integrity out of his frame [below]. These two reinforced female threaded holes shown in the picture. I'll bet just like my 4300 Trek, it has two more reinforced female threaded holes in the seat tube relevantly level with the first two shown in the picrure.

... Wouldn't it be a more structually sound to use these 4 point to create the fore and aft motor mounts? To add to this wouldn't it also be advantagous to create these front and rear mounts as a rubber sandwich both in fore and aft to subdue vibration problems?

... There is no reason why Aluminum can't be structually sound. The lightest of these materials we trust all the time to makes our longest points in travel. As these mountain bikes we are speaking of are indeed created in aircraft aluminum. I would even further go to ask how thick is this point of reinforced female threaded holes? Enough so to say, tap out a larger size threaded hole? Without loosing integrity?

... Just things that keep poping in there of passing thought's. These while scanning through Stock Drive Products-Sterling Instrument in attempting to find a high quality formulation of the point.

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