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Default Re: Bicycle engine kits in Canada are becoming scarce

Hey All, Been a while since I posted
Rock, is right about all that is going on and since I am on the front lines here I thought I would chime in, we have been working hard with Zoom and Deamon, to try and get an epa cert and a kit tested to pass, but the issue is a sticky one that we are just not going to get resolved. it is just not cost effective and the the EC are all over the place.
Zoom was busted last week and inventory was taken, my friend Paul over at Deamon was visited 2 times last week, Tsunami, I am not to sure about as they are not the most friendly kids on the playground, . All in All this most likely will be it in Canada, we do have around 150 kits left and the reason for the price hike was, we had an order of 600 due end of May and the EC is not going to let them into the country, so we just got hosed, the factory will not take them back and they can not come into the country. Our price is $175 at the store { we only raised it $25} but online they are $200 with shipping in. we found about 50 chrome in our warehouse as well as a skid of 4 and 2 stroke rear friction, it's crazy the things you mis place when you have lots of engines coming in and out,lol. Anyways guys thanks to all our great customers over the past 3 years its been fun.

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