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Default Re: Bicycle engine kits in Canada are becoming scarce

Given the multitude of variables involved, not least of which the questionable legality of Canadian motorized bicycles in the first place, but also including the annual cycle of scare tactics perpetuated by unscrupulous and/or naive vendors, I'd be extremely reluctant to take any of this at face value.

Every season like clockwork, these same concerns are presented. Each and every spring the vendors experience stock shortages due to massively increased demand and as a result many theories are presented, substantiated primarily by claims made by vendors - which can usually be discounted due to obvious bias, rumor mongering & suspect motivation.

Despite all such identical concerns presented each and every spring season, the cycle has been repeated with fascinating redundancy - as far back as this forum's inception and for countless years beforehand by any number of two stroke enthusiasts in all assorted applications the exact same cycle has taken place, every spring folks worry the imminent demise of the two stroke engine - then every fall/winter there's a glut on the market resulting in drastic price reductions due to ready availability of any two stroke of your choice.

As a result it's safe to say that while there may well be some complications - no accurate determination can be made regarding the overall & continuing availability of the two stroke kits during this time of year. I would advise waiting until the "spring rush" is over before becoming too concerned about dwindling inventories.

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