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Default Anyone have any idea how old this Brooks is?

Hey guys,

So, I just picked this up off of eBay:

Vintage Brooks Leather Saddle w/Seat Post Clamp | eBay

Sorry for the eBay link, I'll post some pictures once it comes in the mail (probably on Wednesday). Anywho, I know the seat looks like death, but I figured for $30, it was worth trying to restore. If it works out well, then I scored a brooks for cheap

So, anyone have any clue as to how old it is? It says B73 on the bracket, so I'm assuming that's what it is. Only thing is, the B73s that I found via Google have completely different brackets and spring configurations. Which leads me to believe that this seat has some age (and not just old looks!).

Also, I've been looking around the forums for some tips on how to restore it. . . I found Bairdco's post: The seat that I won on eBay looks like it's retained its shape pretty well, so I'm guessing I would skip the bucket of water and go straight to light sanding and lathering it up with Proofide or some equivalent? Any suggestions?

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