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Exclamation 66cc Bike Engine Caught On FIRE!!!

So, after riding my bike for a good hour or so (just about new with less than 200 miles on it), I turned it off and left it outside to cool off. I walk into my house and peek through the window just to make sure it hasn't fallen over and what do I see? A BIG ball of fire and a cloud of black smoke coming from it. The moment I realized that it was my beloved bike that was on fire (-_-), I kindof just stood there in disbelief. My reaction was to run outside and blow at it (lmao), but it was leaking fuel and that was keeping the thing burning. After putting it out with a fire extinguisher, an autopsy reveled that not only did the fuel line harden and crack, but the shut-off petcock did nothing to stop the fuel flow.

The engine was burnt toast (literally) with every possible plastic and rubber piece bunt to a crisp. The engine had absolutely no compression and the plastic air filter cover melted into the carb so it is not salvageable. I'm guessing that the heat warped the thin aluminum engine so it's junk. I have just ordered a new slant head engine from Silver Slant 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Motor - Silver Slant 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit - 66cc Bicycle Engine Kit and am waiting for it to arrive. Has this happened to anyone else?? Also, do you think that the engine I've ordered is good? It says the fuel line does NOT get hard over time like the old ones lol

Yes, I did pull out my phone and snap a few quick pics
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