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Default Re: clamshell sprocket adapters that will fit on smaller type hubs?


FWIW - It would probably be difficult to make a "clam shell" type adapter for a hub that had a substantially smaller diameter than a coaster brake type hub because the clamping surface area would be greatly reduced (as the clamped surface area is reduced, the clamping pressure to needed to keep the assembly from rotating would have to be increased greatly to prevent slippage of the "clam shell" adapter)....

On the flip side, the clamp on the hub could be made wider to compensate for the decreased hub diameter BUT the material that you would have to start with ( to make the wider clamp) would cost substantially more and may end up being cost prohibitive when compared to a new wheel with a disc brake hub and Top Hat Sprocket Adapter.

Hope this helps to explain why it may not be practical to make an adapter the type of wheel you describe.

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