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Default Re: Things I Hate About Riding My MB

cars don't bother me much. i kinda like playing in traffic. i know i'm gonna be the worst off if i lose, but that's most of the fun.

what i hate about riding my bike, is some of the people i'm forced to talk to.

now, the old guy that used to have a whizzer is ok. i know his type. he's the same guy who cut his sister's roller skates in half and made the first skateboard. i've talked to that guy my whole life.

the guy who wants to buy my bike or have me build him one is great, too. happens at least once a day. he's all excited, checks out my bike, tells me about the kid next door with the loud, smokey, crappy huffy rat bike and what a piece of junk it is, and that he didn't know they could actually be really cool bikes, and he's got no problem shelling out 1500 bucks or so for me to build him one...

...only problem with that guy, is i never see him again.

so i guess i hate that guy.

but what i really hate is the friggen tweakers who i see all the time, and they've all got the exact same story, about building a bike, and how super-awesome it is, and it's better than, or at least just as good as mine, and they know all those tricks like filing the pin down in the carb and boring out the cylinder and whatever nonsensical stuff that i've never heard of, and that wouldn't work anyway.

these same junkies go on about how the bike was either stolen or wrecked, and sometimes both, if i run into the same guy twice.

all these idiots are doing is making my burrito get cold and chewing holes in their cheeks.

i'd rather talk to cops then tweakers. they both may lie and not know what they're talking about, but at least i can reason with a cop.
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