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Default Re: Things I Hate About Riding My MB

Oddly... cager courtesy o_O

I know I know, I should prolly explain that a bit lol

We've not much in the way of paved shoulders 'round here, as a result I'm often far closer to high speed traffic then I'm comfy with. Still, even if they don't alter course at all, they'll clear my handlebars with a foot or so to spare, more if they move over a bit while passing...

That's not my complaint tho, that's jus' the way of things while riding a bicycle here - I accept my place in life & sometimes run the rough if the traffic/road is really bad, w/e *shrug*

The problem is strangely the opposite, I'd far rather deal with the predictable obliviousness of the average cager than the excessive overcompensation one in every three or four seem prone to - they'll veer ALL the way over into the oncoming traffic lane, crossing the yellow line completely - somehow thinking I need at least twelve feet of clearance or I'll explode or sumthin'... worse yet, we don't have many straight & flat roadways here so odds are they're doing this on the blind side of a hill or a forested curve in the road O.O

It freaks me out every time, sooner or later there's gonna be a massive head-on collision w/bodies everywhere... and I jus' know somehow I'll be to blame despite the fact I wasn't even in the freakin' road >.<

Ain't jus' me tho - many a time I've been victim of the flip side, they're be a bicycle/pedestrian on the other side and the oh-so-generous cager will veer away from them, cross the line & head straight fer lil ol' me and the eighteen wheeler comin' up on my six.

Seriously people, I'm sure we can come to a compromise - jus' pretend I'm not there like most folks do, I'm used to that lol

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