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Talking A cop rode my bike today??

Today, I rode over to my buds house to help him build his first motorized bicycle and soon after we went to the nearest school parking lot here in town so he could practice playing around with it. Well not 5 minutes into zooming around the parking lot a cop pulls in and my heart starts racing. He rolled up and got out and just started talking to us normally; we weren't in trouble or anything. He was curious about our bikes and thought they were really cool! I told him all about them and he asked if he could ride mine for a sec since he was headed home from his shift. I sorta stood there confused and then gladly let him go at it. It was funny watching him try to start it (I've got a shift kit on my MB). Once he got it going he zoomed around the parking lot faster than I was! I got nervous thinking he was going to tell me this is to dangerous to be riding in the streets with, but after a couple mins he came back and was all giddy. Said that was really fun and he definitely wants to make one of his own now!

And that was that haha. I couldn't believe it myself.
I live in a semi small town so the cops here are really cool and I've never had a problem with them.

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