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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by chrisme View Post
So I did some reading, and it looks like I wasted my money on getting a CNS carb... I was hoping it would be an improvement on the total POS carb on my last engine I got a few years ago. Oh well

Are there any CNS success stories...? It seems like everything everyone says in negative. I'm pretty good at making carbs work, so I think I'll be ok... I hope. Otherwise you'll be seeing a howto on modifying a carb from something else to work. haha.

So I'm used to working on cars... It's weird taking that tiny little engine off. I'm used to pulling big car engines. The blown HT is sitting on the shelf with 2.2L and 2.5L subaru engines, a 13hp honda, and a few random subaru cylinder heads.
It very much depends which one you got. Red air cleaner CNS V.2? Or the good one with a K&N style metal mesh/cloth CNS V.1?

BGF on eBay still has the V.1, sometimes for around $40. If you order make sure to add in the messages the difference between the two. Then if you get the wrong one dispute it ASAP. Ricky Shi hates disputes so he'll work quickly to a resolution but don't hesitate to file.

There are rumors that some have gotten the V.2 to work but they are few and far between
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