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Default Re: Help, chain hits 2.125 tires

While it would no doubt be the easiest solution to switch to a smaller tire... I gotta say I disagree bigbutterbean, "balloon tires" work wonderfully to help absorb some of the shock of road "irregularities" (otherwise known as potholes heh), help preserve the rims & seem to corner better at the higher speeds of motorized bicycle riding, I always strive to put the largest tires I can on my builds (2.125, 2.1 & 2 currently).

While it's true you may have chain clearance issues & they've a slightly higher rolling resistance, they've sweet road tires w/wraparound tread that's great for street, they're not all jus' for beach cruisers lol, many of the 'Death Race' guys are runnin' some pretty honkin' tires...

*shrug* still, it's w/e works best for you and yer build ofc, to each their own
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