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Default Re: I Want Reliability

I have a few tips. for sealing gaskets, use indian head gasket sealer. avail at local auto store for less than three bucks. Another tip, the problem can be anything. check everything. check your electric connections, check your idle screw, check your clutch adjustments, check to see if your head bolts are tight, check every nut and bolt. if you broke a chain, it was either defective or not lined up correctly. check that issue out. dont hit your kill switch by accident. sounds silly, but i have done it a few times. i use ngk b6l plug. i went to a cycle shop looking for a recommended cross referenced plug, and it didnt fit. showed the guy my plug and he matched it up just by looking at it. said it looked like a sportster plug. also, spray your cdi contacts with wd40. i am betting there is nothing wrong with your parts, just an adjustment you missed somewhere. these kits can be tricky with little adjustments that you forget about.
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