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Default Re: what would you do differently

thanks.Its perfect for her ...Well,i gues because i made it for her .She has no problem with 20 to 25mph in or out of traffic.Can you imagine what thats like for a dog?Screw hanging the head out the window she has no window anymore.I get horns honked at me at least 10 times a day anywhere i ride with thumbs up or whatever because if the scooter/side hack didnt catch theyre attention and the sound of a two stroke coming from a trike didnt make them turn n look,the big a** yellow dog waggin her tail,tongue hangin out and ears flapping in the wind zipping past the window always does the trick.
Actualy the key to it all is the dog itself because i could have spent $100 on a piece o junk or a $1,000 on a decent piece o junkand it wouldnt matter if she wouldnt be the kind of dog that doesnt care where it is or what is going on around her as long as shes with me.MAN,this dog has done some realy CRAZYstuff with me im sure most dogs would never do....
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