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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Blazecc View Post
so i put a billet intake boost bottle ready on my carb,today it ran fine for a few then gas was puoring out of my aftermarket adp air filter. i did notice the gas line was a little oversize and was also leaking a bit so i replaced that and the problen still persists
That sounds like there's something in the float needle seat area. If you not familiar with the procedure start with removing the carb and draining the gas. Remove the float bowl. Turn upside down, there's the float. At the hinge there is a pin, remove it, it should almost fall out. There is a small wire clip connected to the needle, it should come out with the float. The needle seat has a slot for a screwdriver, remove it. This part clean it out and look through it, there should be no obstruction. Then check the tip of the needle valve. It's made of fuel proof rubber and sometimes it can have a bent tip or cracks. Look up inside the opening where the valve seat goes for stuff in there, if you have a air compressor or canned air try to blow it out. Avert your eyes doing this, you could get a gas back-blast.

Now that you've done all you can put it back together in reverse order. A quick float level check is to have it up-side down with the float closing the valve. If the float is parallel with the float bowl mounting flange then it's pretty dang close.

One other thing to check first is if you have a tickler is it hanging up? It holds the float down so extra gas goes in to help it start.
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