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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Pulled all the parts off the bad 66 and installed them on the new 49. I spent a while sanding the jug where it wasn't machined. Got it nice and flat. I also sanded the taper on the bottom of the jug to make it easier to slide the rings in. Made sure the edges around the ports were rounded. Tapped all the holes then cleaned and white lithium greased the piston and jug. Slid it all together. Screwed in the head studs and installed the Puch head.

I thought the new front mount was going to be trouble but it actually is better now. The narrower mounting holes required me to "massage" the tube with a hammer but now it fits much better than the old wide clamp.

I can't figure out why it sits higher in the frame, though. That's ok but there a place on one of the back struts where the chain passes real close. I have a pad cut from a tire there now and that has kept the chain from cutting but I'll have to use a piece of conduit or something as a sacrificial piece to keep from damaging the aluminum strut. I'm thinking about a 50 tooth sprocket to take the place of the 56.

Wiring and chain then I'm off and hopefully running.
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