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Default It's "ALL" coming together...

Ever have that feeling that you are searching for something and you can’t put your finger on what it is? Might be an old-guy thing?

I’ve been slowing building an older Triumph TR6… I went to a Triumph show a few weeks ago and found myself gravitating to the older, smaller bikes. My wife quickly discounted the smaller bikes and kept redirecting me to the larger ones. For days I couldn’t deny my interest for the bicycle looking bikes.

Cut to yesterday, driving home from my 9-5 office job… sitting at a stop light… a guy whizzes past me on a beach cruiser style bicycle with a loud two-stroke motor huffing along at 180mph, okay, maybe it was 30-ish. No helmet, huge-azz smile and no cares whatsoever.

It “all” clicked in an instant – “I must have one of these bikes”.
I currently own a very cool beach cruiser by Nirve. I wonder if its possible to make this one work? I’m thinking four-stroke, but you folks are the experts.
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