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Default Re: I Want Reliability

the cns carb works pretty well for me (although it's not great it does the job) flybytaco taught me how to get it running pretty well. take your fuel/air mix screw and tighten it all the way down. that will make it work well enough. if you unscrew it a bit you can get it to idle, but you'll take a hit in speed for sure, mine doesn't idle but it moves pretty quick.

i haven't used an NT but i don't think the CNS is as bad as people make it out to be, i got a perfectly colored plug and a decent running bike out of my cns.

as far as kit parts, the only things i didn't replace was the motor its self and the carb/exhaust ( i intend to get a better carb and an expansion chamber later though).

the stuff in the kit is pretty bad from my experience.
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