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Default Re: I Want Reliability

Originally Posted by skyhawk66cc View Post
The CDI that I got with my kit is one sealed unit, how do I replace the plug wire or any of the wires??? Its all sealed in the plastic case and the case is filled with some industrial strength plastic goo.. I spent an hour trying to open it up to put a better plug wire in and now the whole CDI is junk lol, time to order a new one i guess, it will probably be one that I can actually work on this time. Seems like the kit I ordered had a bunch of junk parts.

Getting the new CDI is sounding like a good idea for you. And so far as two-stroke reliability goes, maybe I've been lucky on a number of levels, but mine has hundreds of miles on it and as long as I kept gas in the tank I could always just hop on and go. (And go further than the range of most E-bikes, I may add. I would own an electric myself, if only they could go further.)

But for this kind of reliability I knew there would be things I'd have to do first. I set up the carb, the c-clip position, bit of port matching, NGK spark plug, etc. Then I tinkered some more when I had her running, until she was humming just the way I like. Then that was it. I started with a 415 chain, and I checked the allignment now and then. I always did a sort of Pre-Run Checklist before just taking off, but I never really did much actual work on the bike.

My first bike was slammed in an accident (along with me). The engine survived just fine. Carb was cracked though. That same engine is mounted on my Higgins build with a new carb. Should run just fine.

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