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Default Nebie in Shanghai

I am an American living in Shanghai and teaching English. I enjoy living here but still, after 13 years here, miss having mobile independence, so I am looking for a two wheeled vehicle. The government is trying to phase out gas motorcycles in Shanghai but electric scooters are ok. The problem with escooters - they have a limited range. Soooo I am looking for a used escooter with the intent of putting a 30 amp battery on it as well as a small 4 stroke gas engine on it hooked up to small motor to serve as a generator - a kind of hybrid, if you will. First the switching from electric to gas will be done manually but with time, money and brain power I hope to automate that task.

I will be picking your brains in the next few days - weeks. If my questions seem absurd it is probably because they are ...and, yes, I am a little bit crazy..but that is what makes life fun
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