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Default Re: Cadillac Crusiers discontinued

Originally Posted by Prof Fate View Post
KCvale, looks good. I have the same bike and been getting by with just the rear disk but the side pull sounds like a good idea. Can you post a close up of it? Is the only mounting point the bolt that holds the fender?
Yes, I don't let any bike out of my shop without front and rear brakes.
I just used a side-pull and tied both brakes to a SBP 'teeter-totter' dual pull brake lever.

I have been running a 66cc Grubee Super Rat with about 50 miles on and have the same SBP shift kit set up as you.
Sweet. I have a 66cc about done here with the same NuVinci shifter and so far it seems to handle the motor.
I am running a SBP expansion pipe that I modified with a DIY larger muffler that I am still tweaking. I used stainless steel scrubbing pads as a baffle material but I might switch to fiberglass. I am trying to go as quiet as possible.
The reason they are so loud is that 4" can muffler only has 1.5" of baffeling in it.

There is clamp on 'lawn mower' muffler to add to the stock one that is supposed to quite the SBP Xchamber but like you, I made my own silencer for my 66cc.
I used a big glass pack for mine though, and shoved the pipes silencer with the can removed inside the pipe going to my muffler.

She's pretty darn quite, and that fatter pipe really lowered the tone.
It doesn't sound like Harley, but it doesn't sound like a weed eater either ;-}

I look forward to seeing what you rig up.
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