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Default Re: Things I Hate About Riding My MB

Just happened-

I'm coming home, and coming up on the last interesection before my block- It's often got cars pulling out and so I'm nowhere near top speed- maybe 20-

just shut the top fuel valve and ready to kill the motor and coast the 1/2 block-

Stupid woman in a big SUV comes around slowly- I'm in a bike lane to the right otherwise, and she clears me with her right signal on just before the fricking intersection-

then proceeds to turn right in front of me

So I have to get on the brakes and slip around her by getting over into the traffic lane

I think purposely- Like I was really slowing her up or something, which was not the case since I was over in the bike lane and she should have yeilded in behind to make her turn, and maybe been slowed down 2 seconds

I really DO NOT much like american heterosexual women. Glad they are not MY problem......
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