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Default Re: I Want Reliability

Originally Posted by yodar View Post
ABSOLUTEL! as Hyman Kaplan would say. The ignition wiring, primary and secondary is suitable for toys. Replace all the primary and secondary wires with 18 ga. and automotive secondary (plug)wire and plug caps.
Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
The stock plug wire is suspect, too. It's made in a toy factory from 6 parts to replace what is made here from 3. The inside parts come apart very easily and can work intermittently.
The CDI that I got with my kit is one sealed unit, how do I replace the plug wire or any of the wires??? Its all sealed in the plastic case and the case is filled with some industrial strength plastic goo.. I spent an hour trying to open it up to put a better plug wire in and now the whole CDI is junk lol, time to order a new one i guess, it will probably be one that I can actually work on this time. Seems like the kit I ordered had a bunch of junk parts.

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