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Default Re: Tinsmith's saddle how to...

Next up was to cut out the first layer of rubber padding. I found a great pad from a Nordic Track exercise machine at a good will last year and have used it on a number of seats, eight I think, and am sorry to see the supply now gone. You don't want something which will absorb moisture or break down easily, like carpet padding. I will be on the lookout for something equally good. Maybe some sort of camping pad, or yoga pad.

I cut out the first layer extra large after tracing the seat out. Once cut, I gave a thin coat of contact cement to both the metal seat and the pad... let it set up to the point of being tacky... carefully put the two surfaces together and press down.

I cut out a second layer, wanting this seat to be comfortable for long rides. Again, both surfaces to be glued together are covered in a thin layer of contact cement... let it get tacky and then press together.

Now trim off the excess with scissors and lay out the seat onto the harness leather. The leather is thick and fairly stiff. I have this left over from perhaps thirty years ago when I raised Lac LaCroix Indian ponies and made my own horse tack, saddles and harnesses. This is tough stuff, made from cowhide and has to be strong enough for work horses. I found a scarred section for the bottom piece, since appearance doesn't matter on an unseen part of the seat. I traced it out extra large and cut out the leather with a utility knife. I located the seat bolts onto the leather, drilled out holes and now the bottom piece is in place.
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