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Default Re: Few dumb questions

Does your carb have the red cover or a K&N style cloth fabric wire mesh cleaner? Red cover is the CNS v.2. From all reports it's a piece of sh....errr...junk and you need to get rid of it. I have the CNS v.1, as good a carb as the CNS v.2 is bad. If you do happen to have the v.1 what's going on is that leaking tube comes from the bottom of the carb. It should go to a barbed vent tube located at the top of the carb. It feeds fuel to the choke enrichment circuit. The choke control open the circuit to dump in extra fuel which is what a choke-plate style does in the cheaper carbs by cutting off airflow and forcing more gas into the intake.

They're some of the older CNS v.1 out there. I got mine from BGF off of eBay. If you order that way insure you specify you want the older carb so if they send a v.2 you can get your money back for sending the wrong one.
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