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Default Re: what would you do differently

i built a honda civic with a non-cvcc japanese head and ran it full tilt for years. my 96 impala ss with the v8 LT1 i'd run it to vegas at 160mph. my ford v-10 triton work truck's governer cut out at 105. i used to redline that thing up mountain roads in second gear.

my china bikes? i've run them from costa mesa to seal beach up PCH at full throttle, on a brand new engine, which is about 35 miles one way, and stoplights miles apart.

i ran a 2 year old, modified motor with about 10,000 miles on it for 20 minutes straight to come in 5th overall at the last Death Race in tucson, over-revving it, over-clutching it, under-braking it, and basically punishing the f*** out of it.

everyone of these vehicles are still on the road.
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