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My first bike would hit 43 according to the radar sign by my high school. I was running a 66cc Raw motor, well tuned CNS carb, port matched, straight piped, and a 36t sprocket. I only way around 140, and took as much weight of my bike as possible. It also had really low front forks and the handle bars were low so I could lay down on it.

It was a rush goin that fast, man! Especially with only a coaster break to slow me down. And no, I'm not suicidal. I just really like going fast a lot. And if a wreck, I consider it my homage to the Holy Mother of Internal Combustion. LOL!

My new bike doesn't go nearly as fast... It hit 26 today according to the same sign. It has a 66cc RAW, not ported yet, stock muffler, 44t, and stock NT carb.
Im waiting til it broke in to try for a speed record!

Good luck, my fellow speed demons! And be safe out there!
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