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Default Re: Long trip planned-- advice welcome!

Originally Posted by ilyasemail View Post
I was thinking I'd buy some cheaper tires and reinforce them on the inside with duct tape and electrical. Read a thread about someone doing this successfully. Either way, replacing some tubes wouldn't be a big deal on the road.

I'm definitely set on the EZ Qmatic and an upgraded back wheel with 12 gauge spokes. Gonna start looking for a frame that will fit me and the engine soon.
If you are truly serious about this trip,dont try and reinforce some cheap tires with duct tape or whatever nonsence you have heard....Spend the 45.00 each on some good tires and it will save you butt in the end....It sounds like you are trying to take the cheap way out on a very serious long trip and that just isnt going to cut it....Save you money up,get the right equiptment and have a fun,enjoyable trouble free journey....
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