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Default Re: what would you do differently

Originally Posted by bw1 View Post
Thanks for all the input. The engine is here and boy is it tiny. I was worried about fitting but not anymore.

bm1,contrary to what anyone tells you about running these engines WOT all the time,Dont do it!!!!If you want your little china girl to last for a long time and give you lots of fun,keep the RPMs down and dont run it over 20 to 22 mph....Think of it this way,if you were to take a car and hammer down on the throttle full tilt and just hold it there,how long do you think it would last before it started to over heat and blow up or lose compression?Not very long.....Changing the head bolts or porting the exaust is not going to change the internal components of these engines....Does changine the head bolts make the needle bearings any stronger?No....People can try to brag and blow smoke about all the thousands of miles that have gotten out of these little engines running them WOT all the time,but the truth is its just smoke....I have been running these engines for years and its just common sence(for any kind of engine for that matter)that if you over rev the engine it wont last long....
End of story
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