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Default Re: Ordered a engine from Staton and got it in 2 days!!!!

Originally Posted by moonshiner View Post
i was a little worried to go propane on the first one ,i am a Honda man at heart , but i have got Subaru robin go-kart and tiller motors and they always start the first crank and only quit running when they run out of gas or you shut them off , so i figured i couldn't go wrong with the robin , and it is also very ECO friendly , it puts out less than 1/3 the emissions of even a clean burn two stroke , but now that i got reliable wheels i plan to go off the grid on the next one .

i am glad to hear the staton kits are very reliable , how long dose your average drive tire last ?
moonshiner I'd like to answer and give you some tips on tire wear. But we're starting to get a little off topic, we're getting some duplication. There is a gas friction drive thread we should move down to. twodoor might get upset if we have 2 threads of the same subject going at the same time and it'll save duplication. Post tire wear there on the friction drive thread and I'll jump right in.
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