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Default Re: Costa Mesa MB NU-B

Originally Posted by Ebopp View Post
Sweet. Thad be awesome. I'm still trying to work out all the details as far as getting it road ready. I bought it last week and I rode it to work on monday, (orange ave to fashion island) under the assumption (as told by the seller and several freinds) that all I needed was a bike helmet and got popped by officer "darling" for a non dot helmet and he gave me the infamous "cheat sheet" and now I'm working towards legality. I've been getting all sorts of stories since. CMPD dispatcher said, under 50cc and 2 Hp engine, all I need is bike helmet and ride daytime only. NBPD said same thing but I have to stay on roads under 30 mph. Anyway, any tips are welcome, I just wanna ride this thing. Thanks for getting in touch man! Talk soon!
Nah, there is no mention of 50cc in CVC.
the big ones are:

DOT helmet
License plate
M2 or M1 on your C class
Under 2 hp and 30 mph
Huntington Beach wants a red rear reflector.
Left side mirror is a life saver.
You can ride at night with lights unless you have a temp licence

LOTS of bad info out there from "sellers" DMV, and cops too.

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