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Default Re: sprocket 44 to36

No- the 50-60 stuff is nonsense- maybe it's there for the bad rep?

Yeah they say about a mph for every tooth- and of course that has a lot of variables involved-

I found it gave me a much nicer cruise- without revving constantly

I can move down my street almost with traffic if I wanted to- It's a 30 zone- most of it's probably going 35 at speed-

but I don't want to wide open throttle much-I must be cruising at nearly 30 when I'm on a long stretch. It feels pretty fast, but I used to race and I leave lots of room and anticipate some fool pulling out in front of me.

but still then- not much traffic catches me or is hung up much (though not on this street- nice wide bike lane- lot's of glass-)

there's a little loss in take-off torque, and very very severe hills will bog me down at the very top (I'm talking over a mile and steep} For around town here in flat Forida a 36 is great!

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