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Default Re: I Want Reliability

DaveC and I usually agree on most things but I'm going to have to respectively disagree here. There are many of us who have accrued hundreds and in some cases, thousands of miles on our Chinese two stroke engines.
Installed and maintained correctly they are (can be) just as reliable as any four stroke engine.

As for your current problem, running for a short while then stopping, this could be the result of your fuel tank cap not venting or a defective CDI that performs when cool but developes a problem when warm. Try riding with the fuel tank cap loose for a while and see if that doesn't fix the problem. If not, replace the CDI and give it a try.

If you're breaking chains it's a good bet you have an alignment or tension problem. Even the kit supplied #415 chain will suffice if installed correctly. Many of us use industrial #41 chain as a replacement.

If you have to keep the choke closed for the engine to run, you have a massive air leak somewhere. When you replace that pos carb you now have with the NT, make sure the intake manifold gasket to the cylinder is good and seal the carb to the intake with SealAll. it is gasoline resistant, unlike silicone gasket sealers, and available at most auto parts stores.Good luck and don't give up on the little two stroker. Treat it right and it will serve you well.
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