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Question I Want Reliability

I have a 66cc Grubee Skyhawk that I installed on a Mountain Bike. I want to know how to make this thing super reliable. The motor came with the CNS Gen B carb (the one with the red air filter housing) and I think I am going to get rid of that and order the NT carb that I have been reading a lot about. I will sacrifice speed for reliability in a heartbeat, what other parts or tips would help me with this build. I have about a 24 mile round trip that I would be commuting Mon-Fri there are some long hills (not super steep just long) which I would peddle assist. I junked the stock chain already because it broke in about 10 places and would kink up no matter how well it was lubed, I switched to a BMX chain made by ZChain. I am guessing I have a carb problem because it bogs down and doesn’t want to stay running after about 10 mins when it warms up and I always have to have the choke full on, but that should be eliminated once I get the NT carb. I want to seal the gaskets so I don’t have any air leaks or any leaks for that matter, anybody have a sealer that they recommend? Thanks for the help guys, can’t wait until I can come up with some tips to post.


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