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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Skarrd View Post
if you paid through paypal, open a dispute with them.
Shhh! hehe ;-}
Gasbike and Kings are the same thing, owned by Nationwide Access, LLC.

I can live with buying a new carb and putting in gaskets when I get this kind of discount:

Hello KC Vale,

We (PayPal) have concluded our investigation into the following claim:

Seller's Name: Nationwide Access, LLC
Seller's Transaction ID: 3KS42904F2*********

Transaction Date: Mar 23, 2011
Transaction Amount: -$177.80 USD
Your Transaction ID: 5PX06521*******
Case Number: PP-001-262-***-***

Buyer's Transaction ID: 5PX06521*********

The seller has agreed to your requested partial refund amount.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Protection Services Department

They shipped a 2010 48cc Skyhawk with a CNS66 carb and not the CNS48 carb it should have, and it had no head gasket installed.

My 'partial refund amount' was $77.80 back from a $177.80 price.
I'll take those full 2010 kits delivered for $100.00 all day long.

As for what I did to MY bike today... Not a damn thing.
I haven't even sat on it since AZ death Race. That is the drawback of always having another in the shop to build and test ride.

Then again, all I have been building of late is Jackshafted nice rides so it is nice to see how they compare, like this one I am on now.

This one is about done. It has CNS carb bogging problems, no surprise there considering the angle, and it still needs my wiring upgrade and button down, but she starts and mechanically sound ;-}
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