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Default Re: Long trip planned-- advice welcome!

Originally Posted by ilyasemail View Post
I was thinking I'd buy some cheaper tires and reinforce them on the inside with duct tape and electrical. Read a thread about someone doing this successfully. Either way, replacing some tubes wouldn't be a big deal on the road.

I'm definitely set on the EZ Qmatic and an upgraded back wheel with 12 gauge spokes. Gonna start looking for a frame that will fit me and the engine soon.
Your ideas on tires is going to teach you some life lessons the
hard way probably at the very worst time LOL
I thought you were an older from

Get the best tires like schwalbe marathons with max puncture resistance
along with high quality tubes.
Nothing worse than having your tires let you down when you are
out on the road. Tires are the weak link on a reliable motorbike.

Originally Posted by ilyasemail View Post
I'm pretty much convinced about the 4-stroke from E-Z. Their site says $380 for the kit, which isn't unreasonable, and they are located not far from where I live so I could save on shipping.

This means I have to figure out how to stick a 4-stroke into a mountain bike frame (like I said before, a cruiser isn't an option because I may be pedaling a fair bit of this). From what I've read so far, it seems very doable with the right frame.

Worst case scenario (e.g. gearbox blows up), I'll stash the engine somewhere along the road and continue along pedaling manually.
I don't think that E-Z Cruisers in Dana Point sells EZ Motorbike Q Matic which costs more
than $380????
They have another 4 stroke kit.
Please give a link to the actual kit on their website. What gearbox does it use?

4 strokes use 9" wide cranks to clear the motor and gearbox.

$75 huffy cranbrook from walmart [ bad idea ] using a Chinese 2 stroke to ride the West Coast is
doable if you are Bairdco LOL but not a good idea for you.

Originally Posted by ilyasemail View Post
. Either way, I think I'd rather buy the $380 EZ kit that they will guarantee against defects than a used one from someone I don't know and wouldn't for sure know where to find. I'm not saying I don't trust that person (I don't know him), just that I'd be more comfy going with an official vendor.
Some guys from Dana Point with a Chinese kit against an almost brand new GEBE
kit with a Robin Subaru at about half price?
giving advice to noobs lol is a hard road to hoe......PM me your phone # and I will give you
some advice. No time to type it out. Google Augiedawg LOL

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