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Default Re: Long trip planned-- advice welcome!

i dont think bike reliability is something to be worried about. i ride a $75 huffy cranbrook from walmart that i have had for almost a year and the only thing i have changed is to put in a wider pedal crank for better engine clearance. the standard pedals had plenty of clearance, but i was using an engine with a centrifugal clutch. as far as the engine, i have had 48cc engines and a 66cc engine and never noticed any real big difference between the two. first thing is make sure whatever engine you choose is well broken in before taking a 1000 mile trip. i would take an extra engine just in case. i personally have done 100 miles in one day on a 48cc engine. that was about 6 hours of riding for me, with maybe a one hour break after the first 50. you could probably go 100 miles without stopping, then take an hour break, stretch the legs, eat, walk around, and maybe get in another hour or two before making camp for the night. dont run at WOT constantly. take oil and a gas can with you. buy a bigger gas tank, or you will be refueling every 100 miles. unless you are going to register and insure your vehicle, keep an eye out for cops. research your states laws, as well as any other state you might be riding in. any hand tools you use to build the bike, take them on the road. 14g spokes are fine as long as you mount the sprocket correctly. in the event that you do break down and cant repair on the road, have an alternate way home. the more i think about it, 100 niles a day is decent. a 1000 mile trip could be done in ten days. then another ten days to get home.
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