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Default Re: Ready to pull the trigger

actually, i have attached a rear hand brake to a cranbrook. the cranbrook is my current bike. i no longer have the handbrake, but never had any problems with the coaster brake. its not the curvature of the down tube, but rather its diameter, that poses a problem. here is how i solved it. i took a seat post, bolted it to the front engine mount. so its as if the seat post is the down tube. you may need a rubber shim for the seat post, as it may be slightly smaller than the engine mount. i then purchased a 2" exhaust clamp from my local auto parts store, and clamped the seat post to the bike frame. trust me, it works. however, i recently purchased a new engine from lucky early bird on ebay. $75, plus 15 for shipping. when i pulled the engine out of the box, i discovered that the front engine mount will fit the cranbrook's oversized down tube with no modification. i do not know if their kits come with the same engine, but it is as simple as asking them if you would like to know for yourself. i believe the cranbrook makes a fine mb. i have been riding mine for almost a year, and the bike has held up better than the engines i've used, lol.
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