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Default Re: Long trip planned-- advice welcome!

Originally Posted by ferball View Post
Maybe not the best advice, but it is how I roll. The twenty inch rear wheel is loads of fun and handles nicely at cruising speed, the rake makes it less twitchy, I did mention proper gearing on a 20inch, because yes it will run slower if you don't figure out the new gear ratios, but my HT turning a 6 speed rear cassette on a 20 inch gives me a pretty nice range of speeds/torques.

And as far as being broke down in the middle of nowhere, worse case scenario you can peddle.

Now I am not sure I would take my 20 inch rear wheel model on a 1000 mile road trip, but hey just thought I would throw the idea out there, not to mention if you start looking into DIY weed whacker/chainsaw friction drive stuff on a 20 inch it can eliminate the need for a gear box. Again I never said it was good advice, but the thread asked for advice, didn't specify if it had to be good.
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