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Default Re: what would you do differently

I'd suggest jetting it day one, you can get them at .

As well, replace the head bolts, again, .

If/when you can afford it - get an SBP expansion chamber ( ).

Full gallon gas tank - you won't regret it!

For your exhaust gasket, get the metal lined ones, and get a couple extras. I just have a roll of cut-your-own gasket material, and it works, but the high quality ones last a lot longer.

Always preferred, after break in run some synthetic 2cycle oil.

I don't have a link, but on eBay there's a guy selling an add in magneto to bring support to 12v electrical, instead of the 6v.

It definitely doesn't hurt to replace your sparkplug - I run BR7HS (NGK) as recommended, but I'm going to step it up to a BR6HS (NGK) in a couple days when the auto shop gets them in. I would like to try the BR6HIX (NGK), but I can't find it locally.

Biggest thing is this - don't do the ragjoint method of sprocket mounting to the spokes, instead get an HD Axle Kit, a clamshell adapter, or disc brake rotor mount.
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