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Default Re: have REAL power loss now!

Ok Norman, I will give this another try. I already told you about the carb type, plug type and the gap plus the fuel mix and the air cleaner. Now on to air leaks. I have no idea. Obviously I'm not as good at this stuff as you are. How do you check for air leaks. I don't "think" that the intake manifold gasket is blocking the intake. No o-ring on the carb. I don't believe that the exhaust gasket is restricting the port. Head bolts are tight. Again don't know if there are any leaks around the head or cylinder base and don't know how to find out. I still have the old carb and if I still have all the parts and pieces it will run but leak gas like a sieve, but has a lot more power. I have two carb needles that I have been swapping in and out and they both seem to run about the same.

Whew... That's a lot of questions to stand up to <grin> You know your stuff Norman.

Here's a question for you... do you think that cleaning out my muffler might make a difference? My engine turned my new spark plug black in just one day so I'm just wondering.

Thank you so much for your help. Sorry I couldn't answer some of the questions better. I'm still pretty new at this and was never mechanical at all until I got this bike and I'm just now learning.

thanks man,

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
what type of carb we talking about what type of spark plug and its gap and fuel mix.
Is the carb air cleaner clean is the choke off?
checked for air leaks? is the intake manifold gasket blocking the intake?
Did you try an o-ring to seal the carb to the intake which I think is the wrong thing to do is so is it still in place and not sucked into the engine.
your exhaust gasket restricting the port?
head bolts tight?
no leaks around the head or cylinders base?
do you still have the old carb? will it wok any better?
some of the carbs needles are not tapered correctly if at all mic top middle and bottom let me know your reading if you can. Pablo send me his problem child carb that I got to working correctly then sent it back to him.
just some of the things that you can check that might be causing your problem.
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