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Default Re: Long trip planned-- advice welcome!

Hey everyone, thanks for the advice. Been reading your responses and other threads, and I'm pretty much convinced about the 4-stroke from E-Z. Their site says $380 for the kit, which isn't unreasonable, and they are located not far from where I live so I could save on shipping.

A rear-mount would not work for this, because I will not be pulling a trailer (all sorts of complications I don't want to get in to), and a backpack is not an option... that leaves the back rack space for panniers.

This means I have to figure out how to stick a 4-stroke into a mountain bike frame (like I said before, a cruiser isn't an option because I may be pedaling a fair bit of this). From what I've read so far, it seems very doable with the right frame.

Worst case scenario (e.g. gearbox blows up), I'll stash the engine somewhere along the road and continue along pedaling manually.
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