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Default Re: Long trip planned-- advice welcome!

Originally Posted by fall_down_stand_up View Post
Are you kidding me????Half the fun of a road trip is being broke down out in the middle of no were with no help around????Your telling this guy to buy a 20 inch tire for a 1000 mile road trip?Your making no sence man....He can go buy a 26 in 12gauge rim from his local bike shop for 36 bucks....Why on earth would you put a 20 inch tire on a 26 inch frame?the bike would ride ruff,have less speed,handle bad and god knows what else....
This is the worse advice I have ever seen posted on this webboard!!!!The HT engines are inexpensive and alot of fun to drive around town and make 15 mile trips back and forth to work,were you can call someone if you break down,but not a 1000 mile trip with no help around to call when in need....
You can give advice to this guy to take a HT engine on a trip like that,but I garantee you wouldnt put yourself out there and take the advice you gave this guy of having fun broken down on the side of the road....
Maybe not the best advice, but it is how I roll. The twenty inch rear wheel is loads of fun and handles nicely at cruising speed, the rake makes it less twitchy, I did mention proper gearing on a 20inch, because yes it will run slower if you don't figure out the new gear ratios, but my HT turning a 6 speed rear cassette on a 20 inch gives me a pretty nice range of speeds/torques.

And as far as being broke down in the middle of nowhere, worse case scenario you can peddle.

Now I am not sure I would take my 20 inch rear wheel model on a 1000 mile road trip, but hey just thought I would throw the idea out there, not to mention if you start looking into DIY weed whacker/chainsaw friction drive stuff on a 20 inch it can eliminate the need for a gear box. Again I never said it was good advice, but the thread asked for advice, didn't specify if it had to be good.
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