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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Did the Starbucks/ grocery store for a basket of stuff thing with the 50 slant-
went out a couple days ago with the 66- 36 sprock NTSpeed carb on the newer short billet- and thought "This thing is just too fast!"

the 50 slant with the old carb on sleeves is running OK but not great- not really broke in I don't think- but the pedal even seems harder- Did I get something older than needle bearings ? don't know

anyway, it didn't like to get shut off, like I always do at long lights- and it was bogging down a little the last couple of miles- I wonder about the mix. I'd like to put my older billet intake on, but the studs are different spacing on sleeve carb and I'd have to redrill the billet-

So I though about getting a bigger carb- I'll be patient- it just isn't getting out of 4 stroking much- but has run fairly well.
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