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Default Re: What carb are the kits shipping with these days?

Are the CNS carbs mostly with the American shippers?

I looked at those on e-bay and they still look like they ship the old NT- they don't specify and I think the newer old carbs have a shut-off valve- but I'm not sure.

I'm kinda surprised- when the speed carb came out it sounded like they were going to switch the 66 to that- now the continued ship of even the 50 kits is in question, but still the old carb it seems.

I've got a Speed carb on a billet intake and it works great- it took me about a half year to get to installing it because after the billet, the standard NT was working fine and winter came along-

I think it is a cut above the old NT- it seemed the CNS did go through some disfavor about a year back and they were dumping them cheap- now the larger billet intake for the cNS has arrived.

The only place I found in a quick search that listed the NR 66 Speed carb now was Pirates- and it's out of stock- I thought I might get a better carb for my 50, but the CNS is too expensive I think

I was thinking they'd be shipping NT 66 SPEEDS with kits by now, but now I can't even find one.
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