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Default Re: lots of work to do

No, I'm not painting the whole tank, just the spots where dirt is caked into the finish. I'm actually thinking the stripper might take care of that for me. Whether or not a single drop of paint even touches the tank will depend on how it looks when I'm done stripping it. It is a black tank and that's the color I want, so if it doesn't look too bad, I ain't even gonna touch it. If I see a spot here or there that I don't like, then I will hit it lightly with the paint. This is what I did when I first got it, and it worked fine. I didn't have any problems with it until I decided to paint it an entirely different color. As far as the advice for painting the frame, I do like the idea of painting it upside down first. No need for a second coat on the bottom though, as hard to reach spots are also typically not noticeable at a glance. As far as the sanding goes, i plan on lightly coating it until the color comes out reasonably smooth. I am not going to heavy coat it at all. I am also not looking for that absolutely perfect paint job. I do want it to look good, but it doesn't need to sparkle and shine. Also, the way you are suggesting to do it will take a good bit of work and time. I need to get it painted and have the bike rebuilt in a few days to a business week, because I need to start looking for a job soon. I am getting married in about a month, so getting a job is number one on my list. I do appreciate the input, but another factor is budget. I have about $50 to spend on this, and just the painting supplies take up half that money. I also need a few other supplies as well.
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