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Default Re: What carb are the kits shipping with these days?

greg58 , you didn't have the airleak problem ? I have 2 Oct 2010 kits w/ the cns carbs , both carbs did not fit the intake , that was the biggest problem. I had to use high temp silicone to stop all the airleaks, then it ran okay. I also adjust the main to the second to bottom clip , just on one , really did not notice any diff. The other prob I had with the CNS carb was that the linkage did not secure into its sleeve at the carb and throttle control , so I used electrical tape to solve that ... now it runs perfect , but those were two easily fixable probs that the factory overlooked....
Too bad they don't test their product , if it was USA built and we actually answered our customers concerns , probs would be solved.... lol
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