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Originally Posted by ilyasemail View Post
Not sure if anyone reads these, but here it is.

My name is ilya, i live in California and am planning yet another extended bike trip. I've biked all the way up and down the california coast (san diego to southern oregon) several times, and now want to do the same but with a motor! Have been reading the forums for a few days and decided it was time to start asking some questions.

Thanks for everyone's help in advance,
Sounds like a lotta fun.
How long did the trip take on your bike?

Have you bicycled from San Diego up the coast to OC
or Los Angeles?
How did you get through Camp Pendleton where PCH ends
and Google maps shows restricted access roads through the base?

Thanks for your help as I want to motorbike to San Diego
and can't ride on the freeway with it of course.

Ask away with those questions. Pedaling with a motor works
well with the right setup.
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