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Default lots of work to do

So, I am in the process of rebuilding for the umpteenth time. This time, I wanna do everything right, including the paint job. Here is what's going on. I have a Huffy Cranbrook beach cruiser, a plastic 2 gallon Yamaha gas tank, black saddle bags, and my silver 66cc motor should be delivered tomorrow. Here is my plan. I have read of spray-on foaming paint stripper available at walmart. I am going to pick up 2 cans of that, one can of black spraypaint, one of red, and 1 or 2 cans of clearcoat. I have already stripped the bike down to the frame and plan to strip it as well as the gas tank. The gas tank needs to be stripped because it was painted, as I was previously unaware that plastic gas tanks breathe and when you paint them its not good. I will touch up the gas tank, but not paint it all around. once all paint is stripped from the frame, it will be painted red. the gas tank will only be touched up and not clear coated, but the frame will be clear coated. So i will have a red frame, black tank, and black saddlebags. The bike will at that point be renamed The Violator. Any thoughts or advice are welcome.
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