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Default Re: Cadillac Crusiers - More Info

I have some input you guys may find useful.
I just built this Fleetwood Cadillac for a customer.

I got the bike on-line delivered for $300.
Can someone please post or send me the link for one for less as he wants 2 more ;-}

For those of you thinking big motors on them, save your money.
I don't know how those hubs will perform with a big motor yet, but I do know how they perform with a legal 48cc and just a good air cleaner, HP plug wire and Iridium plug, and little one piece Xchamber.

See, and listen for yourself.

You will NOT be able to smoothly up shift under constant high torque.

I found that the so called 'Semi Solid' state of the tranny fluid for the drive tends to not want to up shift under full load so what I do is lay on the throttle, then back off just a touch while I up shift a small turn, then back on the throttle.

If you watch the Caddy riding video I made yesterday you can hear how I do it, it sounds like a 20 speed tranny until I hit 30 MPH, and that is with a 48cc motor.

Down shifting is different, no problem under load at all, but once you ride for a bit you can get an idea of how much you want to turn the shift knob between each power burst up shift.

Regardless it beats the crap out of a derailer, and still much better than even an 8 speed hub shifter, you just have to get the 'touch' for the bike.

My point is simple.
With this kind of gearing and a responsive 48cc you can be LEGAL and still haul ass ;-}

Also note that if you get the rear 'roller disc' adjusted right, a simple side pull front brake and the SBP 'teeter-totter' dual pull brake lever stops you just fine.

One last note, if you mount the gas tank in the rear like I did on this $30 Schwinn back rack you will want to raise it up the best you can or you will have fuel flow problems.

I did it like this.

This bike is for a petite young woman so the seat had to be as low as possible so I used the racks seat post mount to hold the post as well.

I painted a 3/8th" piece of wood black and put it between the tank and the rack, removed the tanks filter and used an SBP filter in-line, and zip-tied the gas line up right after the tank outlet.

That helps gravity with just a short close uphill run, and then a nice long downhill run to the carb.

Just for an 'end of post' reminder, can someone post or send me the link to order a couple more of these bikes for less than $300 I paid for this one?
I'm building some more of these babies, they go together nice ;-}
KC's Krusiers Builds
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